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April is Child Abuse Prevention Month

Allen County Children Services kicked off a month of awareness with a balloon launch.

Winter safety: Advice for parents and kids

Winter is a great time for children to play in the snow, go sledding, skating and exploring the outdoors. The cold weather can be dangerous for children whether or not ice and snow is present. Properly preparing children for outdoor activities this winter is crucial.

In general: Three kids playing in the snow.

  • Children shouldn't play outside alone. Establish a buddy system with one or more friends and have them look out for one another.  Children younger than 8 years of age should always be supervised outside.  Check every so often on older children who are playing outdoors for a long time.

  • Check often to see that your child is warm and dry. Younger children should take regular breaks and come inside for a warm drink.

  • Never send children outside in extreme weather conditions such as snowstorms.

  • Do not send your child outside to play if the temperature or the windchill is reported as
    -16°(F) or lower.  At these temperatures, exposed skin will begin to freeze.

  • Help children choose play areas with a warm shelter nearby (e.g., near home or a friend's home).

  • Apply sunscreen to exposed skin, even when it's cloudy.

*The above parenting tips provided by: caring for kids.

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Message from the Director


Every year, thousands of children enter the foster care system with a powerful need for stability, happiness, belonging, safety and love. You can make a tremendous difference in your own life and the life of a child by opening your home and your heart. Consider being a foster parent for an area child who needs you. For more information call ACCS at 419-227-8590.

                  - Cynthia Scanland, MSSA


The Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction protects and supports Ohioans by ensuring that adult felony offenders are effectively supervised in environments that are safe, humane, and appropriately secure.


The Ohio's Electronic Sex Offender Registration and Notification (eSORN) program is one of the nation's preeminent applications for locating and tracking registered sex offenders.

Ohio JFS

The Ohio Job and Family Services Develops and oversees programs that provide health care, employment and economic assistance, child support, and services to families and children.